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Crystal clear water, wonderful sandy beaches on the peninsula Chalkidiki and the coast of mount Olympus, monuments of the past, modern shopping malls, high mountains and fertile plains, all this stands for Macedonia in the North of Greece. There is a lot to see and to experience... Of course I'm also available for other destinations in Greece and I can help you should you have any further questions, without any obligation and free of charge.
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Tour in Dion and mount Olympus

The southernmost part of Macedonia consists of the Prefecture of Pieria with its capital Katerini. Natural beauty, sandy beaches, blue waters, churches , monasteries and the archaeological finds attract visitors every year.

The oldest finds are those of the Neolithic settlement in Makrigialos. One of the richest cities in Macedonia was Pydna, where the excavations brought to light an extensive cemetery and beautiful jewellery made of gold, nowadays displayed in the archaeological museum in Thessaloniki, while Dion was in antiquity the sacred city of the Macedonians.

The castle of Platamonas is also worth seeing and it controlled the entrance to the Tembi- valley, which was in antiquity the only way from Macedonia to Thessaly.

Dion Statue Olympus
Dion (source) Statue (source) Olympus (source)

For eternity, the majestic and impressive mount Olympus rises above the picturesque mountain village of Litochoro, a traditional town located on the slopes of Olympus, approximately 5 km. from the sea. It is the starting point for those who wish to climb Mount Olympus and visit the National Park. Its summits seem to unite heaven and earth and myths cling to its slopes and forests to become part of its history and natural beauty. The twelve gods lived there, according to the ancient Greeks, and a bit lower, the nine muses, the protectors of fine arts.

Since 1938 a large area has been turned into a nature reserve and the UNESCO refers to it as a reserve of the biosphere. In the south, the beautiful Tempi-valley can be seen or the beautiful beaches of the Olympic coast simply enjoyed.

The nearby archaeological site of Dion is something very special for those who are interested in archaeology. It was the sacred city of the Macedonians, religious centre from the 5th century B.C. to the 5th century. Nowadays the theatre can be seen, the ancient agora, the public baths with marvelous mosaics, the villa of Dionysos, the sanctuaries of Isis and Demeter and much more.

The region of mount Olympus and the Pieria mountain is also ideal for rural activities since the wetlands with rare plants and birds are in the near.
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