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Crystal clear water, wonderful sandy beaches on the peninsula Chalkidiki and the coast of mount Olympus, monuments of the past, modern shopping malls, high mountains and fertile plains, all this stands for Macedonia in the North of Greece. There is a lot to see and to experience... Of course I'm also available for other destinations in Greece and I can help you should you have any further questions, without any obligation and free of charge.
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Tour in Ancient Mieza and Aristotle's school

The School of Aristotle is located in a beautiful landscape, 30 km from Vergina and very close to Naoussa. Mieza was, in antiquity, one of the most important cities in Macedonia. Findings are not enough to determine the exact location, but this is the place where the philosopher Aristotle taught young Alexander in the middle of 4th century B.C. His school was founded there, where earlier the nymphs had been worshiped.

An idyllic landscape with caves, rich vegetation and water was the ideal place for the Nymphaion. A porticoed building in the ionic order has been discovered, which was identified as the "peripatos" of the philosophical school. Some terracotta tiles dating from the second half of the 4th century BC can be seen in the Veria museum. Recent excavations revealed the ancient theatre of Mieza (2nd century BC), many graves in organized cemeteries, ancient baths and various buildings have also been brought to light.

The Macedonian tombs located nearby are definitely worth seeing.

The Tomb of Anthemia was named after colorful filigree flowers which are depicted on the ceiling of the ante-chamber’s blue background and switch with open white and blue sea roses.

The tomb of the judgment from the 3rd century B.C. has a beautiful painting on its facade depicting the judgment of the deceased. The frieze is decorated with the battle between Greeks and barbarians ,while the metopes bear scenes of the fight between the mythical Centaurs and Lapiths. On either side of the entrance, which was sealed in antiquity, two persons can be seen: The deceased and Hermes, the messenger of the Gods on the left, and the judges of the underworld on the right.

Another interesting monument is the Macedonian tomb of Lysson and Kallikles with very well preserved wall paintings. The dead are all identified by inscriptions.
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