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Crystal clear water, wonderful sandy beaches on the peninsula Chalkidiki and the coast of mount Olympus, monuments of the past, modern shopping malls, high mountains and fertile plains, all this stands for Macedonia in the North of Greece. There is a lot to see and to experience... Of course I'm also available for other destinations in Greece and I can help you should you have any further questions, without any obligation and free of charge.
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Tour in Veria and Naoussa (Prefecture of Imathia)

Macedonia’s fertile plain is surrounded by the Vermion Mountain in the East and the upland of Kozani in the West and inhabited since antiquity.The Prefecture of Imathia is of special interest due to the attractions in the area: Veria, the capital of the Prefecture of Imathia, Naoussa with the river Arapitsa and its beautiful waterfalls and the first spinning mills on the Balkan and Edessa, the Capital of the Prefecture of Pella in the North with its impressive waterfalls.

Veria is located at the foothills of mount Vermion, bearing the same name for at least 2700 years. Its foundation goes back to mythology. The historian Thucydides was the first who mentioned the town in 432 BC but we can be sure that the city was populated already in the beginning of the 1st millennium BC. It was a part of the Macedonian kingdom and one of its most important towns. During the Roman period the town was fortified with new walls, baths, glorious public buildings and was located at the famous "Via Egnatia", a road which crossed the eastern part of the empire. Within the city there was a Jewish settlement where the Apostle Paul preached after leaving Thessaloniki. It was the most significant incident in history for Veria.

Sights to see in Veria: The "bema" of Saint Paul, the Byzantine museum, the archaeological museum, Byzantine churches and the traditional neighbourhoods of Barbouta (Jewish neighbourhood) and Kariotissa, which provide samples of Macedonian architecture.

The monastery with the magnificent church of Panagia Soumela is located in a beautifully landscaped area near Veria. It houses an old icon of the Virgin Mary, once created by Lucas the Evangelist and formerly housed in the region of Pontos ( region of the Black Sea ). After the uprooting of the Greek population from there in the beginning of the 20th century ,the icon was brought by the refugees to the new monastery of Panagia Soumela in the Vermion mountain.

Naoussa is also located at the foothills of mount Vermion, at a distance of 20 km from Veria. Due to both its landscape and the richness of water resources, the town offers attractions of a special natural beauty.

On a walk through the town, the old traditional houses can be seen. These are typical examples of Macedonian architecture. The old churches are also worth seeing. Two of them date back to the 19th century. The impressive park of Saint Nicolas is a unique monument of nature. It has hundred year old plane trees, a small river as well as sport facilities.

The Historical and Folklore Museum is accommodated in a renovated traditional building and is displays artifacts from the past. Naoussa is also known for its wines and has been officially recognized as an International Wine and Vineyard City. The tradition of vine growing goes back centuries. Almost all of the large and smaller wineries of Naoussa are open to visitors and are included in the "Wine roads of Macedonia", which is a route indicating the vineyards and wineries in the region.

Another highlight is the Naoussa carnival, which has its origin in the period of the Turkish occupation and contains elements of the cult of Dionysos.

The ski resort of "3-5 Pigadia" is located at an altitude of 1430-2000 m and has the longest ski lift in Greece (1500 m long). It is one of the most modern ski centres in Greece with completed installations for tourist-athletic skiing, where lodging and food are available. It offers ski runs for every degree of difficulty, an elevated double chair lift and a baby lift. "Pigadia" is the only ski centre in the country that possesses a system of artificial snowing-making.
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